Shetland Climate Conversation

Our Climate Conversation

Tackling climate change is not something we can do in isolation.  It affects everyone and so we want to find out the most important things for people in Shetland. 

Our Climate Conversation is how we aim to engage with the community to understand what individuals, businesses, and volunteer groups think, feel and say about climate change.

Also to raise awareness around climate issues and positive climate action happening around Shetland.


The Shetland Climate Conversation Logo

Branding for the Shetland Climate Conversation (SCC)

To help bring together the different threads of the climate conversation we ran a competition across secondary schools in Shetland to design a logo to establish a brand the community could easily identify.

We worked in partnership with Developing the Youth Workforce Shetland to run the competition, once the winners were selected they worked with ArtMachine to develop the logo as well as a new puffin mascot until we had the finished product.

So wherever you see the logo know that you are taking part in the Shetland Climate Conversation.