Charges and Fees


Marine Aquaculture (Planning Permission)

The fees for marine aquaculture applications are set by the Scottish Government and apply across the whole of Scotland. They are based on a combination of the surface area occupied by the growing equipment (cages and longlines) and the sea bed area occupied by all the anchors required to maintain the equipment in place. In planning terms the latter area is referred to as the ‘red line’ area. For an application to be valid the correct fee has to be submitted to the Council.

All marine aquaculture applications require to be advertised. We shall advertise the application and charge the applicant the cost.  Please note that applications will not be determined until the advertisement fee has been paid.

The correct fee will be calculated for you by the Marine Planning Team once you have finalised your proposal and they can be contacted at the address on this page.

To give you some idea of what your application may cost, the current (as at 1 October 2020) fee levels are:

  • Applications for new farms or variations to existing sites: £183 per 0.1 hectare of the surface equipment area and £63 per 0.1 hectare of the seabed (mooring) area to be used in relation to such equipment, subject to a maximum of £18,270
  • Prior Notification: £78
  • Change of Condition: £202
  • Change of Use: £401

Fees should be paid using our online payments section of our website or by BACS. Should you wish to pay by cheque they must be made payable to ‘Shetland Islands Council’.  You should clearly note on the back of the cheque, or cover letter, that it is for the marine planning team and include the application reference number where you have one. 

If you have queries please get in touch at

Other Marine Developments (Works Licences)

No fee is currently payable for a works licence application which is required for all marine developments other than aquaculture.

However all works licence applications require to be advertised and the applicant has to do this at their own expense. The cost will vary depending on the detail required to clearly identify the type of development and the location. The Marine Planning Team can provide an advert template for you to use.