Make a Marine Planning Application

How to Make an Application

We recommend that you read through the marine planning process guidance to ensure you get your application right first time. 

Please also refer to our Marine Planning Policy section to ensure you are aware of the policies that may apply to your proposal.


We recommend that you use our free pre-application service before submitting your development proposal.  This will allow us to provide you with clear and impartial advice at an early stage regarding any key issues that you need to address prior to submitting your application.

Our pre-application enquiry form can be accessed here: Pre-Application enquiry form

Once the pre-application form is completed it should be sent to:

You can submit your application electronically by filling out the relevant form and emailing it to us at:

Our application forms and guidance can be accessed below:

Marine fish farm application and guidance

Freshwater and marine aquaculture prior notification application and guidance

Works Licence application and guidance

Once completed they should be submitted to:

Marine Aquaculture - Permitted Development:

The Scottish Government has introduced certain permitted development rights for freshwater and marine aquaculture development. These enable developers to make minor changes to their existing developments without the need to apply for planning permission. These rights are subject to a process of prior notification, and where required, prior approval by the planning authority. 

Scottish Government guidance (April 2021) on permitted development can be viewed here.

For application forms and guidance for on the prior notification procedure please click here.

EIA templates and guidance

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) applies to finish developments and depending on the size, nature and location of the development it may require EIA.

  • The Scottish Government EIA regulations can be viewed here

Habitats Regulations Appraisal (HRA)

  • HRA is applicable to all developments that are either within or with connectivity to European sites designated under the Habitats Regulations.

If you are unsure how to proceed help or need further advice please contact the Marine Planning Team at: 

Further information is also available on our Marine Planning process page.