Scottish Government’s consultation on Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMA)

Shetland Islands Council statement on HPMA consultation

Shetland Islands Council has today (27th March 2023) submitted its response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMA) – strongly opposing the policy proposals.

In an eight-page response, Shetland Islands Council expresses its view that the HPMA process, if implemented, will “impact significantly upon our residents, communities and industries that rely on the sea for their livelihoods.”

Council Leader, Emma Macdonald says: “We have significant concerns about the proposed national HPMA policy framework and how this will operate in the waters around Shetland, which are a hugely important resource for so many local economic sectors. Our future ambitions in many areas, including fishing, aquaculture, tunnels and renewables, will also be impacted by these far reaching policy proposals.

“Shetland is a vastly experienced marine community, with considerable knowledge in licensing, regulation and management of a range of inshore and offshore activities. Like other industry representatives, we strongly oppose these proposals and would encourage proper engagement to inform any future marine planning discussions.”

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Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMA) PDF