Community Learning and Development

Community Learning and Development Plan

Shetland Islands Council has a statutory duty to produce a 3-year plan which outlines how Community Learning and Development (CLD) will be delivered in the local authority area.

The 2021-2024 plan will focus on locally identified priorities which will help reduce inequality of outcome in Shetland. These are:

  • COVID-19 Recovery and Renewal
  • Participation
  • Community Resilience
  • Poverty and Inclusion
  • Workforce Development
  • Performance Data

There are many partners involved locally in the delivery of CLD, including Community Development – Community Work and Adult Learning, Youth Services, Shetland UHI, Voluntary Action Shetland and a wide range of voluntary and community groups.

The Plan is an active and evolving document and will be updated further in the coming months, as we work with partners to develop the 2021-24 Action Plan.

View and download the community learning and development plan