'Voices for' Projects

Voices for Change

With its demographics, geography and fragile economy, Shetland is expected to face many challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to respond adequately to this, it is vital that the public and private sector along with communities work together to find the best solutions for Shetland. 

Fostering community participation is crucial. Using the ‘Voices for’ method of matching community and civic participants in learning pairs, the Voices for Change project is enabling individuals to have their voices heard and contribute to community planning. It is facilitating participation and involvement from people who are not normally active in decision- and policy-making, and is providing opportunities to bring together individuals in shaping the future of Shetland. Acknowledging the Covid-19 situation, this new project is also exploring mechanisms for digital participation.

Discussions within the pairs are broad and open, but participants, amongst other things, are bringing  their own experience from lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic in Shetland.