Ways to Save

It can be difficult to save money, especially during the winter months when you might have to use more heating.  The cost of Christmas can soon add up too.  Unexpected bills can be difficult at any time of the year and can lead to a lot of worry and possibly debt.

There are many organisations in Shetland that are available to provide support and advice on a wide range of issues.  The Ways to Save booklet contains contact information for local groups (on pages 11 to 15) who can provide support and advice on a range of issues, including:

  • Managing your money better
  • Benefits and gaining employment
  • Grants that may be available to you

There are lots of tips in the booklet which could help you lower your bills too. Sometimes just making some small changes can result in savings over the course of the year.  We hope you’ll find the Ways to Save booklet useful.

Ways to Save Booklet

This booklet has been put together by Community Planning & Development, for further information please contact Community Planning & Development on 01595 743888 or email communityplanning&dev@shetland.gov.uk

Please note: On page 12 of the booklet, Hjaltland Housing Association's opening hours should state Monday to Friday 0900 - 1700