Our Convener


The Convener of the Council, elected by fellow Councillors at the first meeting of the Council following an election, is the Civic Head of the Council area.  In some Council areas the Convener is titled Provost or Lord Provost.  The Convener normally holds office for the full term of the Council.

Convener of Shetland Islands Council

At any meeting of the full Council, the Convener presides.

The Convener is responsible for ruling on procedural matters, accepting motions and questions, ensuring all councillors have an opportunity to participate, using a casting vote when required, and maintaining order in the chamber. The Standing Orders of the Council contain the ‘house rules’ along with technical details on how business should proceed.  The Convener’s ruling on all procedural matters is final. 

Civic Head

As Civic Head, the Convener has an ambassadorial role acting as the figurehead of Shetland and is sometimes referred to as the area’s ‘First Citizen’. This role is wide-ranging, involving all sections of the community.  He / she is responsible for representing the islands at home and away, welcoming visitors to the islands, recognising significant anniversaries and the achievements of local citizens and organisations. 

Civic Entertainment

Decisions on which areas the Council’s civic entertainment budget is spent on is entirely at the discretion of the Convener. However, with a significantly reducing budget, it is very important that any spend in this area is targeted as effectively as possible.

Significant Events

The Convener is keen to recognise particularly significant events in the community, such as diamond wedding anniversaries, 100th birthdays or outstanding achievements. If you would like to request such civic recognition for anyone from the Convener please Contact the Convener’s office with as much detail as possible about the nature of the event and / or the people involved.