Pay your council tax

Payment Methods

Pay your Council Tax Online

Pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit

Pay your Council Tax by Plastic Swipe Card - AllPay

You will be able to use this card to make payments at any Post Office and outlets displaying the PayPoint symbol.

Pay your Council Tax over the phone

Payments by Debit or Credit Card can be made by telephoning 01595 744626 or 01595 744627 or 744564 during office hours. If phoning, please ensure you have all your card details, also the reference number and amount of the bill you are paying.

Pay your Council Tax by Post

To the Head of Finance, Shetland Islands Council Office Headquarters, 8 North Ness Business Park, Lerwick, Shetland. ZE1 0LZ. Your payment must be by cheque, crossed and made payable to Shetland Islands Council. A receipt will not be given unless requested.