Planning Policy Guidance and Advice

Planning Policy Guidance and Advice Notes

The Shetland House: December 2008 (3.33 MB)

Guidance for Housing Development in Shetland : Broad guidance covering every aspect of designing and developing a house in Shetland .


Housing and Colour: December 2008 (1.56 MB)

Guidance for Using Colour : Guidance on choosing colour's for houses within Shetland and encouraging an approach that respects indigenous approaches to colour and which emphasise the distinctiveness of Shetland.


Examples of Shetland House Design: December 2008 (1.4 MB)

Examples of Shetland house design with style, originality and respect for a sustainable landscape.


Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study for Wind Farm Developments (3.23 MB)

This landscape assessment study has been prepared by Land Use Consultants.  The study is a tool to assist Planning Officers to assess wind farm applications; it is not a policy document. 

The study provides guidance relevant to landscape and visual matters on areas that are considered most appropriate for wind farm development on Shetland, such that it can be applied to wind farm proposals of various sizes. 

The Study is set out in six sections accompanied by seven supporting maps (figures 1 to 7), links below:


SPG: Public Safety and Safeguarding Consultation Zones within Shetland : April 2014 (559 KB)

This guidance is an array of legislation and controls administered by the Health and Safety Executive, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the Ministry of Defense, the Department of Transport and the civil Aviation Authority all of which seek to minimise the risks of accidents and numbers os people potentially affected. Zones have been defined around hazardous installations and aerodromes by these authorities within which they are consulted about development proposals. These are known as safeguarding zones.


Reducing Carbon Emissions in New Development September 2008

Contributing at least an extra 15% reduction in CO2 emissions beyond the 2007 Building Regulations Carbon Dioxide Emissions Standard

Status: Although not itself part of the statutory plan, the interim planning policy and guidance note provides the interpretation of Policy SPENG5 in the light of national guidance issued by the Scottish Government in SPP6. It is the latest statement of Council Policy and is therefore a material consideration for all applications proposing development where the cumulative total of floor space exceeds 500sq.m.