Occasional Licence

Licence Type
Occasional Licence
Who should apply?
Anyone wishing to sell alcohol from an unlicensed premises

£10 for an Occasional licence

What you need to supply
  • Completed application form
  • Fee
Additional information

Requires to be submitted at least 28 days prior to event

The Board's policy is that applications for hours within 11am to 1am are delegated to the Clerk, and can be dealt with under the delegated powers if no adverse comments  are received from police/LSO. Any applications for hours outwith that period would be  contrary to the Board's policy and would require to be referred to a meeting of the  Board for consideration.

Application pack
Conditions and Guidance

Guidance Information (PDF)


Completed applications and documents should be posted/delivered to:

Shetland Islands Area Licensing Board 
8 North Ness Business Park 

or emailed to licensing@shetland.gov.uk