Animal Welfare and Licensing

We aim to ensure the healthy production of food animals, the responsible ownership of pets and the welfare of animals.

Our service covers:

  • Licensing and inspection of breeding, boarding and riding establishments and pet shops
  • Control of dangerous wild animals
  • Control of stray, dangerous and nuisance dogs
  • Dog fouling
  • Regulation of agricultural shows and sales
  • Inspection of premises/records in connection with the keeping of livestock
  • Regulation of livestock movements and transportation
  • Enforcement of animal by-products legislation
  • Animal disease contingencies.

Shetland's economy relies on agriculture. Every year many sheep and some cattle and pigs are reared and transported to the mainland for breeding or slaughter. The health and welfare of animals in transit is therefore a very important issue.

Animal establishments like Pet Shops, Riding Establishments and Animal Boarding establishments and keepers of dangerous wild animals must be licensed annually. This involves an inspection by an Environmental Health Officer and in some circumstances a joint visit with a specialist Vet is required.