Food Safety and Hygiene

Food Business Registration


The vast majority of food businesses require to be registered with the Local Authority.

This is the case even if there is no specific premises, for example outside catering companies and where no formal sale of food takes place, for example playgroups serving snacks to children.

Registration does not incur a fee and should be made at least 28 days before opening.

If you intend to manufacture, produce or handle products of animal origin such as fish or fish products, shellfish, meat products, minced meat and meat preparations, dairy products or egg products and supply these products to other food businesses your operations may require to be approved by our Environmental Health Service who is the competent authority for approvals.

The activities carried out in approved establishments are strictly governed and require a higher standard of structure and operating procedures.

Before you apply for approval you need to contact the Food Safety team to discuss all proposals in respect of the premises, infrastructure, equipment and operating activities.

For further information please contact the food team or telephone 01595 745250 and ask to speak to the Food Officer.

Forms are available at 
Food Premises Registration Forms – Shetland Islands Council
Food Approved Establishment Applications – Shetland Islands Council .