Shetland Animal Health Scheme

SLMG dipping facility for imported sheep

A new sheep dipping facility is shortly to open at the Staney Hill.  A mobile dipper has been purchased, and will be operated by the Shetland Livestock Marketing Group (SLMG) and will be set up to enable the dipping of sheep imported to Shetland.

Sheep imported to Shetland will be tested and treated by the Shetland Vet Practice at the pier as usual.  The owner/importer will then be responsible for transporting the animals to the marts.  The sheep will then be dipped and the owner/importer can transport them home.  It would be appreciated if sheep can be collected promptly from the pier.

For the service to be viable to operate shipping of sheep into Shetland will be consolidated onto certain days.  These can be found in the panel on the right of this page.  Shipping will be available on non-consolidated days but there will be an additional charge to set up and operate the dipper.  Notice of intention to ship on non-consolidated days should be given to Shetland Vets and SLMG dipping crew with at least a weeks notice.

The vets will dispence the Zolvix drench and Cydectin LA injection at the pier which will be charged at £9 plus VAT per sheep and invoiced by Shetland Vets.  Dipping charges will be £25 plus VAT per sheep and invoiced by SLMG.  The additional charge for non-consolidated days is £150 plus VAT per importer. 

This service has been set up to reduce the chances of sheep scab being introduced to Shetland.  Sheep scab is becoming more common in mainland Scotland and unfortunately it is now recognised that sheep scab mites which are resistant to injectable products are present in Scotland.  These resistant mites can only be treated by dipping.

Further information for importers can be found in the panel on the right of this page.