Ferry Timetables

Ferry Timetable - Useful Information

All times shown on the timetable are departure times from the Ferry Terminal indicated.

Conditions of Carriage

All passengers, vehicles and loose freight carried on Shetland Islands Council Ferry Services are subject to the published conditions of carriage.  Liability is Limited. 

Loading of booked and un-booked vehicles commences not less than 5 minutes prior to the advertised sailing time.  Booked vehicles should be present when loading commences.  Ferry Services is unable to guarantee bookings for vehicles arriving less than 5 minutes before the advertised departure time. 

Key to Symbols

Symbol Meaning

Sailing will only take place if a booking for travel is made before close of Booking Office or 1800 for online bookings

Skerries & Papa Stour: Sailings will only take place if a booking exists by 1630 the day before (or by 1100 on the day for sailings after 1500).

….O Only on a particular day(s), for example 2345FO means that the 2345 is only available on Friday.
G,H,B Identifies the destination port when a trip from Fetlar is undertaken



To travel to Unst & Fetlar you must first travel through Yell. Ulsta & Gutcher are 18 miles apart, for cars we recommend you allow 25 minutes for travel between the two terminals

Journey Times

Route Minutes
Unst-Yell 10
Fetlar-Unst/Yell 25
Yell 20
Whalsay 30
Skerries-Vidlin 90
Skerries-Lerwick 150
Bressay 7
Papa Stour 40
Foula 120
Fair Isle-Grutness 160
Fair Isle-Lerwick 300


Contact Details

Booking Office (Monday to Saturday 0800-1700, Sunday 0800-1300)        

Telephone - 01595 745804           Email - ferrybooking@shetland.gov.uk

Yell Sound & Bluemull Sound Bookings can be cancelled out of Booking Office hours by calling 07825 088 956

Foula Bookings – 07881827636 / 07726328097

Fair Isle Bookings – 01595 760353


Passengers intending to travel can check the Voicebank Service for up-to-date ferry information:

Route Voicebank
Bluemull 01595 743971
Yell 01595 743972
Whalsay 01595 743973
Bressay 01595 743974
Skerries 01595 743975
Foula 01595 743976
Papa Stour 01595 743977
Fair Isle 01595 743978


Online Bookings


Integrated Travel Information

You can find fully integrated travel information from ZetTrans, Shetland’s Transport Partnership at travel.shetland.org

If you would like to have the latest bus, ferry and flight times available on your phone, you can download the Shetland Travel Information App from iTunes and the Google Play stores.