Getting it right for every child

If you do need help

Access to help is made easier when children, young people, families and practitioners working with children and young people, know who to contact.

Named Person

To ensure children/young people and their families get the right help at the right time, each child/young person in Shetland will have a Named Person in the universal services of health (pre-school) and education (school age).

They will arrange help for a child/young person if required. Your child/young person’s Named Person will be:

  • Up to 10 days - Midwife
  • 10 days to starting Primary — Health Visitor
  • At Primary— Head Teacher or other as arranged at the school
  • At Secondary— Pupil Support teacher or other as arranged at the school

Lead Professional

In some circumstances, it becomes clear that a child/young person needs more co-ordinated and/or specialist help. In such cases a Lead Professional will be identified to manage assessment and planning.

The Lead Professional will also then go on to oversee the delivery of the agreed plan to support the child/young person in achieving their agreed outcomes. They will also arrange and carry out reviews to make sure that the support is working and to take into account any changes.