Funded Provider Setting Improvement Grant

Who can apply?

We expect all applicants to demonstrate that they –

  • Are registered with the Care Inspectorate;
  • Remain active for at least 36 months from the date of the grant offer letter;
  • Have met the National Standard for Early Learning and Childcare Providers, including Care Inspectorate quality evaluations of good or better on all themes.

Your organisation can apply for a Funded Provider Setting Improvement grant if: –

  • You are based in Shetland;
  • You are a childcare provider and registered by the Care Inspectorate to deliver a Pre-school service;
  • You have been accepted onto the Early Learning and Childcare Flexible Framework;
  • You have been awarded a contract under the Framework with Shetland Islands Council for the provision of funded ELC;
  • You have an open constitution or equivalent set of rules which clearly defines your organisation’s aims, objectives and procedures *;
  • You have a bank or building society account in the name of your organisation which requires at least 2 signatures on each cheque or withdrawal *;
  • You can enclose your most recent annual accounts which have been certified as true by a person independent of your organisation;
  • You spend the grant within 12 months from the date of grant offer letter.

* Exceptions can be made for sole traders or where organisations operate debit cards