Grants adult and child protection template documents

Any organisation seeking financial assistance from grant aid schemes administered by the Shetland Islands Council must comply with the requirements of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 if they provide services, activities or projects for children, young people and/or protected adults.

Organisations must also have in place policies and procedures that adequately cover protection and welfare issues.  This includes:

  • Child and Adult protection policy statement
  • Child and Adult protection procedures
  • Equal opportunities policy
  • Code of conduct for groups working with children

Template documents of these procedures and policies are available

Organisations are asked to :

  • consider the contents of these documents and the implications for your group's activities
  • if you agree to the contents, to then approve these documents, with signatures of two committee members
  • to return a copy of the signed documents with your next grant application.

Other template documents are available elsewhere, eg. from national umbrella bodies. If your organisation has adopted another template, please include this with your next grant application.

Further information is available at

If you have any queries at all about applications for grant assistance from the Council's Development Services Department, please contact, either:

Michael Duncan, External Funding Co-ordinator on 01595 743828
or Elsa Manson, Resources Officer on 01595 743827 or email