Voices For Projects

The 'Voices For' Projects

The ‘Voices for’ projects allow people to have their voice heard directly by decision makers, and be more involved in community planning. It is a modest but effective method. It builds on the idea that public priorities and decisions are best made when guided and influenced by members of the community.

The ‘Voices for’ methodology entails recruiting people from different parts of the Shetland community and pairing them with the people who influence and have responsibility for making decisions in Shetland. Together, they meet on a one to one basis, over a period of 4-5 months. Participants bring their own perspectives and experiences to their conversations to build relationships and mutual understanding.

Research and experience shows that participation:

  • Increases peoples’ trust in our political and administration systems,
  • Contributes to better decision making,
  • Increases the sense of community and reduces the sense of exclusion,
  • Increases people’s quality of life, and
  • Contributes to a stronger identity and sense of belonging.

The Shetland Partnership recognises this, and ‘Participation’ is one of the key priorities in the Shetland Partnership Plan. You can access the full Shetland Partnership Plan here.

Download the Methodology Report here.

 “I find it really interesting to hear personal stories and observations of the community and getting a better understanding of the things that relate to life on one of our islands. I have found out things I was not aware of”.

- Civic Participant


For further information, please contact shetlandpartnership@shetland.gov.uk