Support Available

How can Housing Support help me?

Housing support can help someone to cope with living in their own home.

It can include things like:

  • help with budgeting and paying bills
  • planning meals and shopping
  • emotional support
  • help to pursue social or leisure interests
  • advice on managing debts
  • help applying for the right benefits and grants

The Housing Support Service can help support you in maintaining your current housing arrangement. The service can create a Housing Support Plan based on your needs and goals. A Community Housing Support Worker will provide the planned assistance.

What is the Housing Support & Assessment Plan?

Step 1: Referral. You can self-refer to the service or, if you agree, be referred by:

  • Your Housing officer
  • Your Social Worker or other professional
  • The hospital Social Work team
  • Your landlord

Step 2: You will then be contacted directly from a member of the Housing Support Team

Step 3: You will have a meeting with someone from the Housing Support Team to begin your individual Housing Support Plan.

Step 4: Once your housing support requirements have been agreed we will introduce you to a Community Housing Support Worker.  The level and type of housing support you receive will be formally reviewed after the initial 3 months period and a minimum of 6 months thereafter.

Available to all

Housing Support is available to all Council and private tenants, and home owners. If you are a tenant of Hjaltland Housing Association, please contact them directly.

If you would like to find out more about the service you can contact the Housing Support team to discuss your individual circumstances.


You have the right to opt out of support at any time and can speak to your Community Housing Support Worker if you are considering ending the service.