Jump Start January

Start 2023 with a health kick and join us by committing to being active for 15 minutes every day for 4 weeks!

The challenge starts on Monday 2 January with the final active day on Sunday 29 January.

You can do any type of activity and you can take part at home if you like! You can head out for a walk or a jog, follow an exercise video at home, visit your local leisure centre or pool for a session or even march on the spot in front of your TV! You can do the same thing every day, or you can mix it up and make each activity different.

You can record your activities and

  • send it to us at Hayfield House, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0QD
  • screenshot it and email to activeschools@shetland.gov.uk
  • create a social media story with clips of you being active and tag us in it

You can enter individually, as a group or family or as a classroom!

There will be a weekly prize draw for those who have been active for the full week, as well as a prize at the end of the challenge for those who managed all 28 days.

Participating schools will be entered into a separate draw and potentially win £100 worth of playground or sports equipment.



Family exercising infront of the TV
Parent  and child dance
Group walking on grass hill towards sea and blue sky
Sledging down snowy hill

Questions and Answers

Do I need to register?

No, you can just send us your completed calendars. You can send one after each complete week if you wish, or just enter at the end of 4 weeks – or both! We will enjoy seeing any updates from participants, so if you are taking part and putting up any pictures on social media, please feel free to tag us! (Links are below).

I want to take part as a group/household – how do I do that?

Everyone in your group/household should complete 15 minutes of activity each day. On your calendar/list that you send to us, just let us know each day what each person did as well as their ages. All individual names will be entered into the weekly and/or end of challenge prize draws.

Is there a recording sheet I can use?

Yes, you can print off this recording calendar or alternatively, create your own or just keep a list.

Is there a minimum age?

No, all ages are welcome to take part and we hope lots of adults get involved too!

Does everyone in the group have to do the same activity each day?

No, as long as everyone is active for at least 15 minutes, you have the choice to exercise together doing the same thing, or do different things at different times if this makes things easier. Of course, having an exercise buddy always helps with motivation and makes it more fun!

How do schools take part?

Any schools or classrooms taking part should submit their daily activity information (for all days that their school is open from 2 – 29 January) at the end of the challenge. Participating school names will be put into a separate prize draw at the end of the challenge and the winning school name will receive £100 worth of sport or play equipment that they choose.

Can I be in a school group and also take part with individually or with my household?

Yes! School groups will be treated separately and you can also participate as an individual or group if your school/class is also participating.

How do I submit my information?

You can submit your activity information at the end of each week (Monday to Sunday activities), or at the end of the full 4 weeks, or both! There are several ways of submitting your activity information to us:

  • You can take a photo of your calendar/diary/list and email it to us at activeschools@shetland.gov.uk.
  • You can send a screenshot to us via Facebook Messenger to Shetland Sport and Leisure.
  • You can create a story on social media and tag us in it, showing a clip of your activity each day.
  • You can physically post a calendar/diary/list to us at Jump Start January, SIC Sport & Leisure, Hayfield House, Hayfield Lane, Lerwick, ZE1 0QD.
What about prizes?

There will be smaller weekly prizes over the 4 weeks, and some larger prizes to be won for those who completed the full 4 weeks of the challenge. Please let us know participant ages (if children or put ‘adult’) so that we can send age-appropriate prizes to any winners.

I have a different question…

Just ask, you can contact us at activeschools@shetland.gov.uk or call us on 01595 744006 during office hours