Brae High School Library


Brae High School Library is situated in the centre of the secondary school.   

Most classrooms open directly into the library giving instant access for staff and pupils.   

All classes from nursery to S5 have weekly timetabled visits and the library is also regularly used by associated primary schools.   S6 pupils can use the library at any time. 

The adult section is well-stocked with both fiction and non-fiction, and there is a self-contained area for nursery to P3.   

All junior fiction is colour-coded by reader age and shelved, as far as possible, by genre.


School Library opening times

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday     

  • 0830 - 1230 and 1300 - 1630  


  • 0830 - 1230 and 1300 - 1600


  • 0830 - 1230 and 1300 - 1400



If you have any questions please contact Sadie Simpson.

Telephone 01595 745663