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Home deliveries of books right to your door

Thank you to all our customers for continuing to support the library during the on-going COVID crisis.

We are hoping to gradually re-introduce visits from our mobile library van and reduce deliveries. All existing delivery customers will have received a short questionnaire in their January/early February delivery bag asking them to let us know their requirements. If you haven’t completed this form, please do so as it will help us to reinstate and develop our service.

If you have any questions, or are a new customer who would like to know more about our mobile van visits and delivery service, please contact us by phoning 01595 743868 or emailing and we will be delighted to assist.

Week beginning Monday 30 May 2022

Day Date Run Place
Monday 30.05.22   Library
Tuesday 31.05.22 9 Staney Hill, Nesting, Vidlin, Voe, Girlsta
Wednesday 01.06.22 15 Walls, Sandness, Kalliness, Weisdale
Thursday 02.06.22   Library
Friday 03.06.22   Public Holiday

Week beginning Monday 6 June 2022

Day Date Run Place
Monday 06.06.22   Library
Tuesday 07.06.22




West Yell, West Sandwick, Sellafirth, Gutcher, North Sandwick, Cullivoe

Herra, Camb, Mid Yell, Aywick, Burravoe, Ulsta, Coppister

Symbister, Brough, Skaw, Isbister, Huxter


Wednesday 08.06.22



Baltasound, Uyeasound, Belmont

Baltasound, Burrafirth, Haroldswick, Norwick

Thursday 09.06.22   Library
Friday 10.06.22 10 Collafirth, Lochend, North Roe, Ollaberry

Week beginning Monday 13 June 2022

Day Date Run Place
Monday 13.06.22   Library
Tuesday 14.06.22



Gulberwick, Quarff, Cunningsburgh, Sandwick, Hoswick, Levenwick, Clumlie


Wednesday 15.06.22    
Thursday 16.06.22 12 Dunrossness, Virkie, Quendale, Scousburgh, Bigton
Friday 17.06.22 1 Twatt, Clousta, Aith, East Burrafirth, Sand, Reawick, Sellivoe, Bixter

Week beginning Monday 20 June 2022

Day Date Run Place
Monday 20.06.22   Library
Tuesday 21.06.22 7 Urafirth, Hillswick, Eshaness, Heylor, Ronas Voe, Sullom
Wednesday 22.06.22




Gulberwick, Quarff, Cunningsburgh, Sandwick, Hoswick

Thursday 23.06.22   Library
Friday 24.06.22 3 Bressay, Gott, Scalloway, Trondra, Hamnavoe, Burra