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Home deliveries of books right to your door

We are delighted to inform our customers that we will be delivering books to all areas before Christmas.  If you have not been contacted at least 3 days before your delivery date on the schedule below, or if you are a new customer, please contact us by phoning 01595 743868 or emailing and we will be delighted to assist.

Week beginning Monday 17 January 2021

Day Date Run Place
Monday 17.01.22   Library
Tuesday 18.01.22 4, 8 & 16

West Yell, West Sandwick, Sellfirth, Gutcher, North Sandwick, Cullivoe

Herra, Camb, Mid Yell, Aywick, Burravoe, Ulsta and Coppister


Wednesday 19.01.22 13 & 14

Baltasound, Uyeasound and Belmont

Baltasound, Burrafirth, Haroldswick and Norwick

Thursday 20.01.22   Library
Friday 21.01.22 10 Collafirth, Lochend, North Roe, Ollaberry

Week beginning Monday 24 January 2021

Day Date Run Place
Monday 24.01.22   Library
Tuesday 25.01.22 5 Fetlar
Wednesday 26.01.22 2 Brae, Muckle Roe, Scatsta, Mossbank
Thursday 27.01.22 12 Dunrossness, Virkie, Quendale, Scousburgh and Bigton
Friday 28.01.22 1 Twatt, Clousta, Aith, East Burrafirth, Sand, Reawick, Sellivoe and Bixter

Week beginning Monday 31 January 2021

Day Date Run Place
Monday 31.01.22   Library
Tuesday 01.02.22 7 Urafirth, Hillswick, Eshaness, Heylor, Ronas Voe, Sullom
Wednesday 02.02.22 6 Gulberwick, Quarff, Cunningsburgh, Sandwick, Hoswick, Levenwick and Clumlie
Thursday 03.02.22   Library
Friday 04.02.22 3 Bressay, Gott, Scalloway, Trondra, Hamnavoe and Burra

Week beginning Monday 7 February 2021

Day Date Run Place
Monday 07.02.22   Library
Tuesday 08.02.22 9 Staney Hill, Nesting, Vidlin, Voe, Girlsta
Wednesday 09.02.22 15 Walls, Sandness, Kalliness, Weisdale
Thursday 10.02.22   Library
Friday 11.02.22   Library