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If you are a member of Shetland Library, you can use our 24 Hour Library online resources, for free, anytime.

Why do I need the 24 Hour Library?

We often use Google, Bing, or other search engines to find information online. This is very useful, but sometimes the information you need is not available free. or you may be unsure of its accuracy. Often your search results can provide information which is out of date, or just wrong! This is why we still need these high quality reference publications, and why the Library provides them for you..

To use these sites on your own computer, enter your library card number on their log-in pages.


Students, independent researchers and small businesses can now access many of the world’s best academic papers through the library for free. This resource can only be used at the library.

Access to Research


The National Library of Scotland has a team of dedicated reference librarians with a wealth of high quality resources at hand, and will be able to assist with a wide range of questions.

Please visit to post your question or to find out more.

Ask a Librarian


Primary school children will be entertained & educated by this resource, with games, videos & talking articles.

Britannica Junior


For children aged 10-14, with information at their level with journals, videos & more available.

Britannica Student


The best known encyclopedia in the world, for ages 15 and above. Includes multimedia material unavailable in printed format.

Encyclopaedia Britannica


A searchable database of local, national and European newspapers. Set up email alerts for your favourite topics and get personalised results mailed to you. An invaluable research tool.

European Newsstream


Free to Shetland Library members this is an online study resource for candidates preparing for the Life in the UK test or British citizenship test

Go Citizen


Original Sources from World History, containing 350000 texts & 5000 full books. Perfect for historical, legal, scientific or religious enquiries.

Original Sources by Britannica


Contains over 56,000 biographies of anyone who was anyone from the Romans to the present day. It is the first place to look for anyone interested in British history.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography


The definitive guide to the English language covering more than 600,000 words.

Oxford English Dictionary Online - on Library PC

Oxford English Dictionary Online - at home (card number required)


A collection of over 200 Oxford University Press reference works accessible through one site.

Oxford Reference Online


Everything you need to know and content you can trust - World class experts give readers an overview of a subject that they can understand in half an hour of reading time.  Each essay is rigorously peer-reviewed, so readers can be assured that the information is accurate, umbiased, and up-to-date.

Oxford Research Encyclopedias


This site provides access to over 300,000 images, movies and sounds from museums, galleries, archives and the media.



Pass your driving test with Shetland Library. Online practice theory tests, hazard perception simulations and the Highway Code..

Theory Test Pro


Have you read all the books by your favourite author and are looking for something new to try? This site can provide you with a list of similar authors whose books you might enjoy. You'll need the number on your borrower card to log in.

Who Else Writes Like . . . ?