Shetland's Licensing Board

Shetland's Licensing Board

Shetland Islands Area Licensing Board is responsible for regulating the sale of alcohol to the public and certain gambling activities, by issuing alcohol licences and betting and gambling permits.

Functional and Financial report


The Board's approved annual financial statements showing income and expenditure and functional report for 2021-2022.

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Licensing Board Members & Agenda Papers

Current Members

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Remote Participation

The Shetland Island Area Licensing Board may be conducted in any way in which each member of the Board, Applicant, Licence Holder, Adviser, or any other person with the agreement of the Convener, is enabled to participate although not personally present with others at the meeting.  This includes participation by telephone or video-conference.  Such a meeting, or any part of a meeting which, in accordance with paragraph 12(3) of Schedule 1 to the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005  is not held in public, shall only be conducted on the ruling of the Convener, whom failing, the Vice-convener, of the Shetland Islands Area Licensing Board.


Alcohol and gambling policies

Download the gambling policy
Download the alcohol licensing policy  

Download the Lerwick Alcohol Byelaw 

Equalities policy and outcomes

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Freedom of information

Freedom of information