Shetland's Licensing Board

Shetland's Licensing Board is responsible for regulating the sale of alcohol to the public and certain gambling activities, by issuing alcohol licences and betting and gambling permits.

Functional and Financial report

2019 -2020

The Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 makes provision for certain reports to be prepared and published by a Licensing Board not later than 9 months after the end of the financial year, an extension of 6 months to the 3 month period specified in the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2020, where the reason for inability to comply is coronavirus related.  

Shetland Islands Area Licensing Board has been unable to comply with the statutory deadline for preparation and publication of its 2019/20 combined annual financial and functions report.  Disruption to the business of the Board has been caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  Focus on carrying out functions with the least possible disruption to licence holders and others led to the reports not being able to be prepared in time.

The combined report has now been prepared and is due to be considered by the Board at its 9 November 2020 meeting.  Assuming the Board approves the report it will be published on the website shortly thereafter and well within the 9 month period allowed.

2018 - 2019

The board's approved annual financial statements showing income and expenditure and functional report for 2018-2019.

Download the Shetland Licensing Board's annual functional and financial report 2018-2019


Licensing Board members

  • Councillor Ian Scott (Chair)
  • Councillor George Smith
  • Councillor Malcolm Bell
  • Councillor Alistair Cooper
  • Councillor Cecil L Smith
  • Councillor Catherine Hughson
  • Councillor Stephen Leask
  • Councillor Stephen Flaws

View Licensing Board agenda papers 

Alcohol and gambling policies

Download the gambling policy
Download the alcohol licensing policy

Equalities policy and outcomes

Download the equalities policy outcomes

Freedom of information

Download freedom of Information publication scheme