Information and Records Management

Information Governance Policy

This policy (PDF, 1.21mb) provides a statement about the council’s approach to the governance of its information.

It aims to promote best practice and to link together the suite of policies and procedures which relate to specific aspects of information management.

The statements in this Policy supports a cohesive approach to managing the vast and diverse volumes of information assets held by the Council, now and for the future. 

This Policy provides the Council with the basis upon which it can manage its information assets, to ensure that the Council has data, information and knowledge, which is:

  • Useable: information will be accurate, up to date, and fit for purpose. The Council will have the information it needs.
  • Accessible: information will be in the right place, organised appropriately, open wherever possible, protected where required. The Council will have the information it needs, where it needs it.
  • Reliable: the Council will have access to the information it needs, where it needs it, whenever it needs it and that appropriate business continuity arrangements are in place to protect it.

The Policy also provides information about the Policy and Procedures Framework, the Terms of References for the Information Governance Board, and the Governance and Accountability Management Structure.