Buildings at risk

The Buildings at Risk Register for Scotland highlights properties of architectural or historic merit throughout the country (including Shetland) that are considered to be at risk.

To be at risk, a building does not necessarily need to be in poor condition, it may simply be standing empty with no clear future use. The main purpose of the Register is to raise awareness of these buildings, to seek potential restorers, and to aid the identification of new uses that will enable these buildings to be saved.

The Register is maintained by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) on behalf of Historic Scotland. Buildings at Risk Register for Scotland

Funds For Historic Buildings

The Funds for Historic Buildings website offers a comprehensive guide to funding for anyone seeking to repair, restore or convert a historic building. The website allows you to search for a specific funding source, or for sources which are relevant to your project. It also gives useful advice on how to maximise your chances of success when making funding applications.

Funds for Historic Buildings