Gardens and Designed Landscapes

Gardens and designed landscapes are grounds that have been laid out for artistic effect. Gardens and designed landscapes are often the setting of important buildings and, in addition to parkland, woodland, water and formal garden elements, can often have significant archaeological and scientific interest.

An Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes of national importance is compiled by Historic Scotland. For a garden or designed landscape to be included in the Inventory, it must be considered to be of national importance. Sites are selected and assessed using the following value-based criteria:

  • Value as an individual work of art in their right
  • Historic value
  • Horticultural, arboricultural or silvicultural value
  • Architectural value
  • Scenic value
  • Nature conservation value
  • Archaeological value

The principles of selection are set out fully in Scottish Historic Environment Policy.

The Council has a role in protecting, preserving and enhancing gardens and designed landscapes included in the Inventory and gardens and designed landscapes of regional and local importance.

There are four sites in Shetland included in the national Inventory:

Belmont House, Unst

Brough Lodge, Fetlar

Gardie House, Bressay

Lunna House, Lunnasting

Further information on Gardens and Designed Landscapes is available on Historic Scotland's website.