Listed Buildings

Listing is the process that identifies, designates and provides statutory protection for buildings of special architectural and historic interest.  This work is undertaken by Historic Scotland for Scottish Ministers.  The criteria for identifying buildings which are of special architectural or historic interest are set out in the Scottish Historic Environment Policy and are broadly:

• Age and Rarity;

• Architectural or Historic Interest; and

• Close Historical Association.

There are currently 345 listed buildings and structures in Shetland.

Further information on listing is available online from Historic Scotland’s website.  From here you can also search for a listed building and download building schedules.

Alternatively, a map-based search facility is available through Pastmap.

Copies of the Lists are also available to view at the Council’s Planning Service.

Works that affect the character of a listed building will require listed building consent.  If you are proposing to undertake works (including internal works) to a listed building and are unsure if you need consent, please contact the Planning Service for advice. 

Further information on making a listed building planning application is also available from our advice notes in the link below:
Listed building Advice Notes

Listed Building Consent application forms can be downloaded from the below link:
Listed Buildings Application Form

Historic Scotland’s Managing Change in the Historic Environment guidance notes give advice on the principles that apply when considering works to a historic building.

Historical records relating to individual listed buildings may also be held in the collections of the following bodies:

Shetland Museum and Archives

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland

National Library of Scotland