Survey results show a real desire for change

Climate change infographic july 2021

The Council’s recent Climate Change Survey has shown that the vast majority of respondents recognise the need for Shetland to do its part to tackle climate change.

There was a tremendous response to the survey, with 848 people taking the time to share their views.  Of those, 81.7% said they believed the world is facing a climate emergency.

The survey highlighted the community’s top priority action areas - Energy Supply, followed by Transport, Business and Industry, and Waste Management.  Specific areas identified included ‘more green energy’, ‘tackling fuel poverty with support for householders to make changes’, ‘improved recycling, waste reduction and reuse’, ‘fixed links to the isles’, ‘better public transport provision’, and ‘education across all ages’.

The top reasons given for tackling climate change were ‘for future generations’, ‘global natural environment’, and ‘protecting people globally’.  

Ryan Thomson is Chair of the SIC’s Environment and Transport Committee: “We are delighted with the high level of response to this important survey.  Climate change is something that affects us all, and the number of people who took the time to respond shows our community’s desire to make a real difference to the issue.

“This is something we will be focussing keenly on as we begin to work on the ‘net-zero route maps’ for both the Council and Shetland, which will lay out our plans, projections and framework as our work progresses.”

The Climate Change Strategy Team is now working with other Council departments to focus on the insights gained  from the survey results, and will share further details with the community when the Council’s new climate change webpage is launched in the coming months.

The Council’s Climate Change Team can be contacted by email at


Published: 5th July 2021