Community Council By-Elections

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With the by-election process now underway, a call has been made for folk to stand for their community council.

There a total of 27 vacancies required to be filled across 13 of the 18 community councils in Shetland.   Community councils in Nesting and Lunnasting; Northmavine; Sandness and Walls; Sandsting and Aithsting; and Skerries currently have a full complement of members. 

Shetland Islands Council is inviting candidates to submit their nominations by 4pm on Thursday 9th September.  If there are more nominations received than vacancies, a postal ballot will take place in that community council area.

Community Councils were created by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 and bridge the gap between communities and public bodies to represent local issues and concerns.    They usually meet every four to six weeks and are involved in a range of duties, including commenting on planning applications, and providing financial assistance to local groups and projects.

Jim Anderson, Chair of the Association of Shetland Community Councils (ASCC) said “Community Councils carry out a lot of important work, much of which goes unnoticed.  Being a Community Councillor is an interesting and enjoyable role that helps to make a positive difference in your community.  I really hope that we’ll see some new faces come forward, especially younger members of our community now that 16 & 17 years are eligible for election, to fill the current vacancies.” 

Ian Walterson, ASCC Vice Chair added - “Community Councils get through a power of work and are an important cog in the local democracy.   Being a community councillor does not require any previous experience or specific skills.  We are looking for folk who care about their community, are interested in local issues and can spare a few hours per month.” 

Shetland Islands Council's website has more information on the 2021 Community Council By-Elections

Current Shetland By-election vacancies are as follows:

Community Council area Vacant seats
Bressay 1
Burra & Trondra 1
Delting 3
Dunrossness 3
Fetlar 1
Gulberwick, Quarff & Cunningsburgh 2
Lerwick 3
Sandwick 5
Scalloway 1
Tingwall, Whiteness & Weisdale 3
Unst 1
Whalsay 2
Yell 1

Published: 25th August 2021