Statement – COVID-19 outbreak

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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 at Scalloway Primary School, and in line with national guidelines, ‘warn and inform’ letters have been issued to all parents and staff.

The school will be open tomorrow (Monday); however, those who have been identified as positive are isolating and PCR testing of contacts is underway.

Helen Budge, Director of Children’s Services:  “Following discussions with Public Health, and following the appropriate guidelines, the school will remain open on Monday and staff will continue to provide support for those pupils attending.

"Parents and staff have been contacted by the Head Teacher, and I’d like to reassure them that we are taking all the steps we can to ensure their safety while in the school. If anyone is experiencing any symptoms, then they must stay at home and follow NHS guidance.”

Current mitigations in all school settings are:

  • Updated school risk assessments;
  • Physical distancing requirements for staff are in place in all primary and secondary settings;
  • The use of face coverings for staff in primary settings and for staff and pupils in secondary settings;
  • The use of hand sanitisers throughout the school day;
  • Daily hand sanitisation for all children and young people on arrival at their setting;
  • One way systems throughout settings;
  • Enhanced daily cleaning during the school day and further cleaning undertaken daily at the end of each day;
  • Parents/carers being advised to avoid contact with other parents, children and young people at the school gates, on the way to school, and after school as well as wearing face coverings;
  • Careful monitoring to ensure the appropriate level of ventilation and adequate air flow throughout the buildings with CO2 monitors deployed, monitoring the level of CO2, and temperature in classrooms
  • Access to asymptomatic, lateral flow, testing kits twice a week for all school and early learning and childcare staff and all secondary aged children;  
  • Essential visitors to schools only; and
  • Peripatetic staff only being able to access one setting per day.

Published: 29th August 2021