Clear out your cupboards and help a young person


Have you got household and kitchen items hiding away in cupboards you’d like to get rid of? Shetland Islands Council’s Throughcare & Aftercare Service will be more than happy to find them a new home

The service ran a similar donation appeal in 2018 and Shirley Brown, Senior Social Care Worker, says it was a great success:  “Folk were tremendously generous and hundreds of items were gratefully ‘recycled’ to appreciative new homes.
“Many young people are on an extremely slim budget, and have problems buying or replacing basic kitchen and household equipment.  We’re looking for everything from pots and pans to furniture and electrical goods.  They’d need to be clean and in working condition, but really anything could be useful.”
The service is asking donors to contact them first, to check on items’ suitability, before arranging drop off.  This is important, as storage space is limited and can fill up quite quickly.  

The Throughcare & Aftercare Service is currently based at the Old Anderson High School, Lovers Loan, and you can contact them on 01595 745248.


Published: 31st August 2021