Winter weather, Mon 06 March 2023

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After frequent snow showers overnight, several schools are closed today and there is some disruption to public and school bus services. 

Schools CLOSED today are: 

  • In the North Isles – Baltasound Junior High School, Mid Yell Junior High School, Whalsay School and Cullivoe and Burravoe Primary schools
  • In the North Mainland - Brae High School and Ollaberry, North Roe, Urafirth, Mossbank, Nesting and Lunnasting Primary Schools.  
  • In the West Mainland -  Aith Junior High School and Skeld, Happy Hansel, Sandness, Whiteness, Tingwall Primary Schools. 

Schools OPEN include

  • Scalloway and Hamnavoe Primary Schools but no school transport is available.  
  • Anderson High School but only has public service buses operating from the South Mainland. There’s no dedicated school transport provision. 
  • Sound Primary School but has no school transport available.
  • Bells Brae Primary School is open, as are schools in the South Mainland.  Isles Haven Nursery in Lerwick is open. 

School staff are asked to travel only if it is safe to do so. 

Public bus services in the North Isles, including the ‘Overland’ bus (24V) are also cancelled.

Services 21 (Lerwick to Hillswick); Services 23 (Lerwick to Toft and Mossbank); and Services 9 (Lerwick to Walls) and 12 (Lerwick to Aith) are all currently suspended – these will be reviewed at 9am.  

Service 5 (Burra feeder) is only currently running from Hamnavoe.

More details are available on the public bus service voicebank 01595 745744.

Published: 6th March 2023