Patcher back to repair Shetland’s roads

Roadmaster patcher may 2022

Drivers are asked to expect some short delays on single track roads over the next month, while repairs are being carried out by a specialist vehicle. 

The ‘Roadmaster Patcher’ vehicle has recently arrived in Shetland for its sixth annual visit, undertaking mobile repairs to potholes and other road surface defects. The vehicle carries a supply of chips and bitumen and can quickly repair small potholes using a robotic arm, without the need for road closures.

The programme of patching has started this week and will last for four weeks.  Repairs will take place on roads across Shetland where there are existing potholes, areas that could become potholes, or with cracked and settled areas that may lead to further damage.

Locations identified for repairs include:

  • Fladdabister and Yaafield in the South Mainland
  • Sefster in the West Mainland
  • Veensgarth in the Central Mainland
  • Skea, Fiblister and Brettabister in the North Mainland
  • Bannamin in Burra
  • Gloup in Yell
  • Uyeasound and Ordale in Unst
  • and the Tresta loop road in Fetlar

Published: 8th May 2023