Council seeks secondary pupils’ views

Survey image

Shetland Islands Council is seeking the views of secondary pupils on mental wellbeing and school leaver satisfaction.

The survey explores wellbeing through the Warwickshire-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS).  WEMWBS is a 14-item scale of positively worded statements covering feeling and functioning aspects of mental wellbeing. The 14-statements have five response categories from 'none of the time' to 'all of the time' and pupils are asked to describe their experiences over the past two weeks.

The WEMWBS questions were included in the Health and Wellbeing Census undertaken across a number of local authorities in Scotland last year. The results of that census, published in May 2023, highlighted higher levels of mental wellbeing in Shetland than anywhere else in Scotland other than East Renfrewshire in specific school stages.

The survey includes a section of additional wellbeing questions first asked as part of the Lockdown Lowdown surveys. There is also a section for pupils who have left school this year in an effort to gather levels of school leaver satisfaction.

Pupils have until Friday 11 August to complete the survey which can be found at

Catherine Hughson, Vice Chair of the Education and Families Committee said, “It is reassuring to see young people reporting some of the highest levels of mental wellbeing in the country.  Promoting the wellbeing of pupils is central to the work of schools and the local authority and understanding how young people feel about their mental wellbeing, and experience of school once they leave, is an essential part of how we continue to make improvements in this area.

"I would encourage all young people who started in S1-6 in August 2022 to complete the survey.

Published: 24th July 2023