Free period products now available online

Free period products, take what you need when you need it. Shetland Islands Council

Free period products are now available – both online and at local pick-up points - for anyone who needs them.

Since August 2021 Shetland Islands Council has been supplying Health Centres, Leisure Centres, Council-owned public buildings and community halls with period products for anyone to access freely.  UHI Shetland and the Schools service have been supplying pupils and students with period products for the past four years.

Reusable products will now be available to order online, by going to Shetland Home Packs - Hey Girls  It is hoped that people will take the opportunity to try reusable products, like menstrual cups, reusable pads and period pants.

Some people find it difficult to access free products at local pick-up points, perhaps due to location, lack of transport, or a health condition.  From 1st August, people will be able to have their product of choice – reusables or disposables - delivered directly to their door.

Emma Macdonald, Council Leader and Shetland North councillor: “We’re pleased to be able to include an online option as well as the pick-up locations already available, to help improve access to period products in Shetland.  We’re also excited to be offering reusable products and contributing to the Council’s Net Zero targets.”

Published: 1st August 2023