Shetland Public Protection Committee Review of the Year - Issued on behalf of the Shetland Public Protection Committee

The Shetland Public Protection Committee (SPPC) has just published its annual review

The Shetland Public Protection Committee (SPPC) has just published its annual review.

The review highlights how local agencies have worked together to ensure the safety of children, young people and adults in Shetland 2020-21.

As the pandemic continues to dominate every aspect of life, agencies in Shetland continue to be responsible for nurturing and keeping safe our children and young people, providing support to adults who need it, and making sure services were attuned to the needs of the local community. 

Key achievements during 2020-2021:-

  • Continuity of front line Child and Adult Protection services supported by agencies working together effectively through the pandemic
  • Adapting to new ways of working using online meetings and adapting training
  • Completed and issued new Adult Protection Procedures
  • Included Shetland Domestic Abuse Partnership within the framework of Shetland Public Protection Committee and made addressing gender based violence a priority
  • Carrying on with the work of the sub committees as much as possible and responding to emerging issues e.g. an increase in concern about internet safety and financial harm
  • Ability to fully participate in national forums, meetings and training events due to easy access online

Chair of SPPC Independent Convener, Tam Baillie:  “The response from staff at all levels was truly exceptional.  While it took a bit of time to fully adjust to the initial lockdown, staff and services flexed to be accessible throughout, changed routines to fit new circumstances and pulled together in a way that was remarkable. 

“My sense is that not only did our services and communities demonstrate resilience; the experience of overcoming the onslaught makes us better prepared for the very significant challenges ahead, and gives me hope for the future.”

Maggie Sandison, Chief Executive of Shetland Islands Council and Chair of the Chief Officers’ Group: “Providing the right help, at the right time, to anyone at risk of harm, is one of our most important tasks.  During this last year, our experience of responding to a global pandemic really has highlighted the importance of effective partnership working in supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities.

“I fully support the work of the Public Protection Committee and applaud the efforts of the individual staff across all our organisations who safeguard our vulnerable people and promote their well-being.”

Published: 13th October 2021