Shetland Car Club Trial about to get underway

A couple stand at the boot of a white enterprise car club car, removing shopping from the back.
image c. Enterprise Mobility

Shetland’s first ever car club scheme is about to get underway, a joint initiative between Shetland Islands Council and Enterprise Car Club.

Eight vehicles - seven cars and one van - are scheduled to arrive on the 12th April to kickstart the trial phase.  Initially, the vehicles will be available in Lerwick, Scalloway, Levenwick, Brae and Walls, with potential to expand the scheme.  

The aim is to provide more flexibility and efficiency for the Council, while supporting those individuals and groups who do not own a vehicle to access to one when they need it.   

The collaboration provides an opportunity to explore a new method of fleet management for the local authority.  Selected SIC and NHS teams will have access to a car club membership allowing them to book the vehicles as part of their service delivery.  Information and experience gathered during the trial will be used to help the Council understand how the car club model could operate in Shetland and, if successful, could be adopted further.  

Users will be able to access the vehicles by joining as an Enterprise Car Club member.  They will be able to hire a vehicle by the hour or day, 24/7, on a first come first served basis using the Enterprise Car Club app.  Membership options are also available for local businesses and other organisations. 

The scheme offers a Surrogate Driver programme which allows a person with a disability to join Enterprise Car Club and add three additional surrogate drivers to their account at no additional cost. 

Councillor Moraig Lyall chairs the Council’s Environment and Transport Committee:  “The partnership with Enterprise Car Club opens up a lot of benefits when it comes to running such a scheme here in Shetland.  If successful, this project can help make our own fleet management more efficient, while providing an easy and affordable way for people to access a car when they need it.  We're looking forward to working with Enterprise Car Club to make this pilot a success.”

Dan Gursel, Managing Director of Enterprise Car Club, says: “We are delighted to be working with Shetland Islands Council to launch our car-sharing service to the islands.  The pilot aims to showcase the potential of shared mobility to enable people to travel more sustainability and efficiently.  By providing flexible and accessible vehicles, we aim to enhance transport for residents and local businesses across Shetland.” 

More information about Enterprise Car Club can be found on the Enterprise Car Club website.

Published: 3rd April 2024