Statement – Positive Covid-19 case in Shetland school

Whiteness Primary School

Shetland Islands Council can confirm that a pupil from Whiteness Primary School has tested positive for Covid-19.

All parents have been informed, and the affected class group has been sent home. NHS Shetland’s Public Health Team are now working to identify possible contacts, with the support of SIC’s Children’s Services.

Helen Budge is Director of the SIC’s Children’s Services: “We have planned extensively around the possibility of such an incident, and all our schools have measures in place to limit the potential spread of virus. The Whiteness School is currently being cleaned in line with those plans, and we are doing all we can to support the work of the Public Health team.

“Our primary concern is always the wellbeing of our pupils, our staff and the wider community, and we will obviously continue to monitor the situation to decide whether any further measures are required.”

Published: 18th September 2020