Public Bus Services – Social distance capacity information

A new search facility has been launched on the ZetTrans website today, enabling those planning their journeys to check the previous occupancy of public bus services.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has seen the introduction of one metre social distancing for bus passengers in Shetland, although the legal carrying capacity of buses is unaffected. It is hoped that the new website with passenger numbers on local bus services will help passengers to plan their journeys.

This information will be added to on a regular basis to provide a continuing picture of bus service usage against social distanced capacity of services. Any future alterations to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions could impact upon the numbers of passengers travelling. At the present time, this information covers mainline services only.

Elaine Park, Transport Contracts and Operations Officer, said: “We hope that this information will enable the travelling public to plan their journeys during the pandemic whilst taking every precaution open to them. For anyone with flexibility in the day or time of travel, they can now find at a glance the bus services that are typically below the social distanced capacity and plan accordingly. We continue to work on the format of the information and would welcome feedback as to how this provision could further assist passengers.”

Passengers are reminded that face coverings on board public bus services are mandatory, unless medically exempt. Cash fares remain at a position of exact fare only.

Details of usage on public bus services is available at:

Published: 9th October 2020