Telecare in Shetland

What is Telecare?

Telecare describes arrange of technology equipment that can be used to assist you to live independently at home or to support you in your daily lives and routines. The equipment can promote your independence, while providing safety and security. Many of the products can also be used alongside the Community Alarm service which you may already be using.Telecare can be useful in many different ways,from simple alerts should you need emergency assistance, to devices designed to help people with dementia or memory loss carry out daily tasks and routines.

Could Telecare help me?

Telecare can be particularly useful if you:

  • Are at risk of falls
  • Need extra support and reassurance to remain independent or to stay safe within your own home
  • Are struggling to cope at home or are regularly admitted to hospital
  • Have additional needs such as learning difficulties, failing memory, dementia or epilepsy

Telecare can be a short-term solution to help someone return home from hospital or more long term to help maintain your own independence.

Will it work in my home?

The answer in most cases is YES as long as you have a landline telephone connection and/or a good mobile phone signal. We can help advise you what you need

What will Telecare cost me?

Most Telecare is free of charge.We may be able to supply equipment directly, or provide information, signposting and advice on products you may wish to purchase yourself.

It all sounds very complicated

Please don’t worry. Telecare products are designed to be simple to use and are specifically designed for you.We will work with you to make sure you get maximum benefit from your product.

More Information

We have a large stock of Telecare equipment and information at the Independent Living Centre which you can view and tryout,as well as staff on hand to assist you with any queries or questions.