Our Ambition 2021-26

Our new corporate plan, Our Ambition, provides strategic political direction to help us (Shetland Islands Council) focus on the things that can help most to create opportunities and achieve long-term sustainability for Shetland.  

In preparing the document, we have used local and national data sources to identify the assumptions, drivers for change and uncertainties felt about our community and the organisation’s sustainability, asking ourselves the crucial question, ‘What will happen if we don’t do something?’  This process has highlighted some of the key challenges facing us as a community, but has also helped to highlight potential opportunities and many good things about living in Shetland.

Our future may feel uncertain and unpredictable at the moment, but that does not mean we should sit back and let negative change happen to us.  Rather, through this plan, we are using the long-term trends to take a proactive approach, reimagining what is to come and prioritising our resources on the things we believe will have the greatest impact on those drivers for change.   
We must remain positive, confident and create a sustainable future for Shetland.  The actions outlined in ‘Our Ambition 2021-26’ set out how we aim to achieve that.

Our ambition