Make a Planning Application

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To make a planning application online click the ePlanning link below to go to the Scotland ePlanning portal. You will need to create a user account on before starting a proposal.

ePlanning portal

Need Help?

If you are unsure how to proceed help is available either by reading the planning advice notes or by contacting the Development Management team direct. Doing so could save time, money and avoid enforcement action.

Whilst the office is closed and we are working from home, we will not be able to provide a duty officer service at 8 North Ness.

But you can contact Development Management regarding general planning application matters by emailing

For the purposes of assessing the completeness or otherwise of planning applications and other related consents the Council has adopted for use the Heads of Planning Scotland (HOPS) validation of applications guidance.
To ensure you complete your forms correctly it is recommended you read and follow these guidelines:
HOPS validation & determination guidelines
This will help avoid delays.

Please note that further information on planning and building standards matters is also available elsewhere on this website and at the Scottish Government website.

Processing Agreements

The use of what are called ‘processing agreements’ is recommended and will be offered for all major development planning applications as well as for what we identify at the outset will be complex or contentious local development proposals.

A processing agreement is a project management tool. Processing agreements can set out the key processes involved in determining an application, identify what information is required and from whom, and set the timescales for the delivery of various stages of the process.

The Scottish Government has published a report on the benefits of using processing agreements and a processing agreement template.

Processing Agreement Report

Processing Agreements template