Viking Wind Farm and related projects

Environmental Monitoring (continued)

The developers of the wind farm and its associated projects are also required to have the following officers in place:  Ecological/Environmental Clerks of Works (monitoring compliance with approved ecological, hydrological and other environmental mitigation works), an Archaeological Clerk of Works (monitoring compliance with approved archaeological mitigation works), and a Geotechnical Engineer (monitoring ground conditions and advising on remediation work during construction).  These have the power to stop work as necessary and ensure the developers meet with their obligations.

In addition to the monitoring carried out by the Planning Monitoring Officer and the Planning Enforcement Officer, and the Clerks of Works and Engineers on a continuous basis, for the wind farm there exists the Shetland Wind Farm Environmental Advisory Group, which will meet twice a year.  Its purpose is to support the developer of the Viking Energy Wind Farm in making sure that environmental impacts are minimised, that all agreed restorative procedures are implemented, and to advise the Council on the execution of the approved Habitat Management Plan for the development. The Group is there to work with the developer so that its members can share their environmental expertise and knowledge - not to carry out site visits to check on the development.  It has no regulatory role.