What goes in each bin

Presenting your recycling and rubbish

Make sure you have the correct day for your collections and that you put out either one of your recycling bins or your rubbish.

Have your recycling bins or non-recyclable rubbish out for 7.30am on the day of collection, if it is not presented at this time we may not be able to collect it.

Please note, we will only collect what is indicated on the collection calendar.  If you have the wrong thing out for collection we will not take it (ie we will not collect black bags on a recycling week).

Your recycling bins are for recyclable materials only, please do not put black bags in them.If you need a set of recycling bins, you can either collect them from the Gremista Waste Management Facility or contact us:

Should you require a replacement lid for your bins, these are available from the Gremista Waste Management Facility.  New recycling bin lids are free but there is a charge for non-recyclable bin lids.