Disabled Parking Space

If you are successful in qualifying as a  “Blue Badge” holder or their representative and have a suitable vehicle registered, you can apply for a Disabled Person's Parking Space to be marked at the blue badge holders address. Once your application has been received it will go through the following steps:

  • Assessment by our staff of the individual's eligibility and whether a space is feasible

  • If, after your initial assessment, you are eligible 

    • A location will be agreed with yourself

    • We will arrange to mark the bay on the road

    • This should happen within two weeks of confirming your application has been feasible

  • At this stage, the bay is NOT YET enforceable by the police.

  • We will then start the legal procedure to make the bay enforceable

    • This will involve advertising our intention to make the bay enforceable and inviting objections

    • If any objections are received, this will delay the process

    • If there are any objections to the proposed space, the Council Committee decides whether it should be installed

    • If there are no public objections the space is then installed as soon as possible

    • If there are no other objections, we will finalise the legal process and erect a sign at the parking bay

  • At this point, the bay becomes legally enforceable by the police
    • You must display your blue badge at all times when parked in the bay
  • The whole process can take up to 3  months from confirming your application is successful

If you have and queries regarding a disabled person's space, please contact:

Engineer: John Johnson
Tel: 01595 744149