Scord Quarry

Scord Quarry Price List

Dry Stone Price per tonne (£)   Coated Stone Price per tonne (£)
As Dug Hardcore 4.24   AC 28mm Base 81.03
Primary Armouring 10.27   AC 20mm Base 91.61
Armouring 10.27   AC 14mm Surface 94.20
Quarry Cleanings 5.34   AC 10mm Surface 94.99
Scalpings 4.24   AC 6mm Surface 103.56
Type 1 6.49   Asphalt MTA 55/14Type C SURF 100/150 104.21
Crusher Run 7.60   Note: Cut-Back will only be added upon customers written request
Dust 11.20   Premium price for Cut-Back 4.50
Frost Grit 11.20   Recycled Asphalt (No Levy) 6.18
All in aggregate 11.20   AC 06mm SURF Nytherm 190 105.41
40mm Aggregate 11.20   AC 10mm SURF Nytherm 190 96.90
28mm Aggregate 11.20   AC 14mm SURF Nytherm 190 96.11
20mm Aggregate 11.20   AC 20mm SURF Nytherm 190 93.51
14mm Aggregate 11.20   Delayed Set Bitmac (extra) +18.00
10mm Aggregate 11.20      
6mm Aggregate 11.20      
Quarry Waste 4.00      

The above rates exclude aggregate levy Tax of £2.00 / tonne dry stone and £1.90 / tonne for coated material.

Bitumen Emulsion Price (£)
Barrel of K1-40 Tack Coat 133.12
Tonne of K1-40 649.07
Barrel of K1-60 Bitumen Emulsion 199.13
Tonne of K1-60 973.61

Rate for a Tonne Bag & filling a Tonne Bags £10.51/bag

Delivery Costs

For delivery of materials greater than 2 tonnes for dry stone, delivery costs are based on a full truck capacity of 16 tonne.
Fixed element……………£26.80 / load delivered plus
Variable element………...£4.22 / mile hauled (measured in one direction)

For small deliveries up to 2 tonnes.
Fixed element……………£9.04 / load delivered plus
Variable element………...£1.81 / mile hauled (measured in one direction)

The above applies to Mainland deliveries only (Isles based on cost)


Out of hours opening – By special agreement dependent upon volume and subject to a minimum call-out charge of £355 standard or £569 If the mixing plant is required