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Fish Market Users Crane

new crane for Scalloway Fish-Market

A  Davit Landing Crane has been installed at the south end of the Scalloway Fish Market and is now available for customers of the market to use.

A key fob system is in use and a valid fob will be required to operate the Crane.

A valid/approved certificate for crane operation will be required before a fob will be issued

(A crane safety awareness course may be available at Scalloway UHI).


Previously registered users can use their current fob to access any of the SIC pier cranes

Further information is available from the Scalloway Harbour Office.




A QR code will placed on the control unit for the crane and users can use it or the following link to download the User Guide from the SIC’s website.


Basic instructions are fitted at the control box.

Users please note:-

  1. Users must ensure the slew lock is used after every use to avoid damaging the crane
  1. Users must turn the crane OFF, by pushing the red/yellow “stop” button, after completion of their job.